In the last 2 years, 4 properties totaling 53 acres have been permanently protected as open space in Windsor. Additionally, the awareness and support of all Town officials and the Town Council has been greatly increased. Everyone is now on board with the mission of ensuring that Windsor preserve the natural heritage we are heir to.

Properties preserved include:

2 parcels south of Pigeon Hill Rd. in the Mill Brook Corridor and 2 properties that have been added to Matianuck State Park between Wolcott Ave and Keeney Park. Matianuck State Park, a relatively little-known resource in Windsor, now totals more than 270 acres.
Protection of these properties was the result of a combined effort on the part of the Town Manager, Town Planning Staff, the Windsor Conservation Commission, the Windsor Land Trust and citizens who have contributed to Windsor’s Open Space Fund.

Why is it important to protect open space? The following are a number of reasons: Numerous studies show that homes close to parks and trails often have a higher property value than similar homes only a few blocks away because access to open space improves quality of life. Businesses are attracted to areas that have open space and a high quality of life. Wildlife areas provide habitat for our non-human neighbors and offer endless opportunities to learn and explore. Open space makes little, if any, demand on municipal services such as school systems, police and fire departments, and water and septic/sewer services. Open space contributes to the protection of our agricultural industry. Growth and development are vital to any town. But it is just as important to make sure that growth does not come at too steep a cost for the wonderful charm and character of Windsor. To do this, we need to protect a network of essential open spaces while allowing other areas to be developed.

Map of Open Space Protected Through The Work of
Windsor Land Trust